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Minecraft is a game that is so much fun, you will definitely love the multiplayer mode of this game. One problem is that not everyone can afford to pay the 19.95 euros which are required to join the on-line server version of this game, at Minecraft.net. Read more about Minecraft at WikipediaPlease stop reading this if you have money to buy account, do support the developer of this awesome game.

Don’t have money? No worries, continue reading…

If you really love this game and don’t have money to buy out the premium accounts, then this is for you. Yes, for the first time you can have free working premium account for yourself without paying a penny. What you have to do is, download our Minecraft Gift Code Generator, attach the database file of codes, downloaded from our server, enter them on minecraft’s website redeem page and done. You can only generate the gift code once from your computer, for security reasons we have disallowed this tool from generating over one gift code for a single computer. This game is available for almost all platforms right now. Whether it is your Xbox One, Mac, iOS, or your Android. What you need is a premium account, okay without further wastage of time, lets get the premium account.

Updated: The tool will now be updated in real time.

How To Get the Premium Account

Step #1: Click the download button to head to the download page (filename: Minecraft-Gift-Code-Generator-2020.zip).

Step #2: After downloading the file, just run the app to generate the code. After downloading the file, just click on the generate button and your code will be fetched from our database.

Step #3: Click on the Generate button and it will generate a unique code for you. As you can see in the above screenshots. This is how our simple yet amazing tool works. Please share with your friends and let them know about this. That’s how it works. 


I get a DLL error? – Just follow the instructions and you’ll get your code. You will face this issue when the database is empty and all codes are used up. We are constantly updating the database with new codes every day. Just download the new DB file and you will get your code. We cannot upload all the codes online because if they get leaked, our tool will stop working and the hole in their website will be also patched. You might be wondering that where do we get these codes from? – The answer is simple, last month, one of my friend was able to hack into the Minecraft’s website from where he took their gift codes database file, it still has over 200K gift codes working at the moment.-

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